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Custom WANDRD Hardware Clip with Hypalon Loop

A quick and easy-to-use system designed to work with any camera. The anchor-less system means you won't have to leave any hardware dangling on your camera. 

Dual Sliders for Quick Adjustment

The smooth adjusting sliders make it easy to position the camera where you need it, and quickly switch between neck, sling, or shoulder carry.

Built-In Flat Head Tool

There's nothing worse than not having the right tool for the job. Luckily for you, WANDRD designed the Sling Strap with a built-in flat head tool so you can always attach or remove the camera base plate when needed.

Recycled Soft Touch Nylon Webbing

Comfortable, durable, and eco-friendly. What more can you ask for?

Non-Slip Silicone Print

To make sure the Sling Strap stays securely in place.

Rated up to 100 LBS of Force

Damn, that's one heavy camera!


Neck carry, shoulder carry, or sling carry. Whichever you prefer!