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When you aren't using your lens case it packs down into a small disc for storing.


Having an inflatable lens case makes it easy to travel with and change sizes all while protecting your lenses.

4 Cinch Straps

Secure your lens in the case and then use the 4 cinch straps to tighten the case down for the perfect fit.

Fits Up To A 70-200mm Lens

The largest lens size this can accommodate is a 70-200mm lens all the way down to a pancake lens.

Carry Multiple Lenses

Because the lens case is expandable it can accommodate for multiple lenses at one time.

Padded Lens Divider

The padded foam divider protects your lenses when carrying more than one in the case at a time. When you are only carrying one lens press the divider up into the top opening for storage.

One Lens Case, Multiple Sizes

The Inflatable Lens Case makes carrying any of your lenses ideal no matter the size. 

Packable Lens Protection

The last thing you want to have to worry about is the security of your gear. The Inflatable Lens Case makes storing your lenses in any bag a relief.