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Real thought has gone into how weight should be evenly distributed within your pack to make moving and reacting quickly as easy as possible.

Are you really, truly prepared to react when faced with an unexpected emergency situation? More than half of US families and over 60% of the country's population are not equipped and ready for disaster, so if you fall within this majority, it's safe to say your preparedness plan could use some work. To be clear, when we say plan we mean more than talking the talk. Although discussing your family's disaster plan is important, you should also consider putting those plans into action and packing a survival kit.

We know what you're thinking when we mention prepping a bag. Your mind is probably wandering to a long-discarded duffel or backpack filled with a hodge-podge of supplies gathering dust in some forgotten corner of your home. It's also R72's fear this is the mental image for many and the standard go-to solution for preppers across the country. With more than half the US population admitting to not being prepared for disaster, whether it be a severe weather-related incident or other emergencies, R72 decided it was time to step in and offer a more functional solution to make prepping a more enticing endeavor.

Founded in 2020 by Joel Kongaika, Tyler Swain, Joenee Briones, and Danvic Briones, and headquartered in Centerville, Utah, R72 has made it its mission to offer up tactical vests, modular bags and other survival gear that makes preparing for the unexpected a simple, functional and no-nonsense experience. R72 vests and bags are the antithesis of the slouchy duffel or the cumbersome backpack, which really sets the brand's offerings apart from the rest. Real thought has gone into the R72 Grab&Go Vests weight distribution, modularity, functionality, and durability. R72's packs are meant to work together seamlessly, making it a cinch to remove modular bags and add on ones you require without slowing you down.

Whether an emergency is imminent or it's simply time for a well-planned adventure, R72Grab&Go vests and bags are up to the task. The brand's original vest is military-grade quality, expandable, adjustable, water repellent, buoyant, and is TSA and travel-friendly.

You're much like us here at you long for adventure and you're likely to plan accordingly for it. When it comes time to put that same effort into disaster preparedness, we turn to and trust gear from R72. We especially appreciate that R72 vests and bags are meant to be functional and usable pieces in your planning arsenal. Not meant to be packed once and forgotten in the depths of your basement until the unthinkable occurs, these pieces are built to be used however you see fit for both planning and adventure purposes.

The R72 Vest eliminates the single-use concept of a 72-hour kit. By simply adding or removing any of the modular bags or floatation panels, you can customize your Grab & Go Vest to meet your specific needs for your region. And because it's a vest, it distributes weight evenly, lessening pressure on your back and increasing stability. Its high-quality stitching and military-grade weaving features make it both rugged and durable.

There is nothing like this out there! Planning to use this for emergencies and camping/hiking.

- Millie


MOLLE stands for Modular, Lightweight, Load-carrying Equipment.

All R72 modular bags can be used on and off the R72 Grab&Go Vest, or attached to each other.

420 Denier Oxford Nylon

Often used for camping backpacks, this material is light, durable, water resistant and fire resistant. It is also water dynamic, meaning, when used for water activities, it offers little resistance.


Most products only offer a receptacle for your basic needs for the days during and after a disaster. The R72 GRAB&GO Vest not only functions as a receptacle, but can also provide protection and flotation, particularly in urgent situations like flash floods and hurricanes/ typhoons. Also included are reflectors so that rescuers can easily see you.

The vest is worth every penny! It’s modularity is incredible and it is very well made. I would recommend this to anyone.

- T. Scott

The Ultimate Grab & Go Vest Bundle offers all of R72's featured products in one package. The R72 Modular 126-piece First Aid Kit connects to the R72 Grab & Go Vest + Modular Bags... and quickly detaches for use in an emergency.

Items included in the bundle:

Grab&Go Vest
R72 First Aid Kit
Extra Modular Bag
R72 Hat
Folding Tactical Pocket Knife
Tactical Pen Set
LuminAID Inflatable Solar Lantern
R72 Carabiners (6)