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Luma Bottle FAQs

Q: Can I look at the UV light? 

A: You should not make physical or visual contact with the UV light as it may cause irritation to the skin or eyes. 

Q: Does the bottle come pre-charged?

A: Yes! The bottle comes already charged so that it's ready to use out of the box!

Q: How do I turn it on?

A: You simply hold the button down for 2 seconds or until the white indicator light begins to flash white! The internal UV-C light and external indicator light will flash for 1 minute and will automatically turn off. 

Q: How do I turn it off? 

A: Hold the button down for 4 seconds or until the indicator light dims off. 

Q: Will the bottle work if i remove the cap?

A: The bottle may not function if the cap is removed. We have installed a light sensor, which shuts off the cleaning cycle when the cap is removed and exterior light is detected. This is to help prevent skin or eye exposure to the UV-C light. 

Q: How do I know when to charge my bottle?

A: When the battery is low, the indicator light will flash red 2x after holding the button down for 2 seconds; this means you have about 10 cleaning cycles left before the battery has no charge. After this 2x red flash, the bottle will begin its normal cleaning cycle.

Q: How do I know when the bottle is fully charged?

A: When fully charged, the indicator light ring will emit a solid green light with no flash!

Q: How does the Luma Bottle eradicate viruses and bacteria?

A: The Luma Bottle utilizes UV-C light technology which breaks down DNA and eradicates 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in just 60 seconds. 

Q: Can the Luma Bottle purify water from streams, rivers, and lakes? 

A: Yes! The Luma Bottle is able to purify water from streams, rivers, and lakes, as long as the water is fully transparent. Meaning, the water cannot contain any chunks of dirt, rocks, moss, or any obvious floating minerals. Solids within the water will not be filtered and will prevent the light from effectively killing bacteria in the water.

Q: Is the Luma Bottle dishwasher safe?

A: The Luma Bottle is not dishwasher safe. The bottle is double walled and vacuum sealed to keep your water insulated! Overtime, dishwashers can harm the bottle and affect its ability to keep water hot and cold.

Q: What is the material of the bottle?

A: Luma bottle uses a 18/8 food grade stainless steel which provides strength and is BPA free. The bottle is also powder-coated which adds durability and a slip-free grip. The electronic base piece and cap are made with BPA free plastic. 

Q: What if I drop my Luma bottle?

A: Because of the durability of stainless steel and the placement of our internal technology, the Luma bottle will be kept safe if dropped from typical waist and counter heights.

Q: How long will my cold water stay cold and my hot water stay hot?

A: The Luma bottle is double walled and vacuum insulated keeping cold water chilly for 12 hrs and hot water steamy for 6hrs. 

Q: What type of charging port does the Luma bottle use?

A: The Luma Bottle has a USB-C charging port. 

Q: What is the warranty?

A: Luma offers a 12 month warranty protecting against any manufacturer defects.

Q: Is the charging port water resistant?

A: Yes! There is a water resistant seal covering the charging port. Make sure to close the seal after charging!