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How do I mount this onto my Helmet?

This design has two parts:

  • The Nubbins: These rare earth magnetic bases use high strength VHB tape to adhere to the helmet surface.

  • The Flair: This is the neat stuff. All of the Flair is compatible with their Nubbins. This means you can collect lots of colors and trade out with your friends.

Inside the package, you will find instructions to help you install your Helmet Flair with an alcohol swab to prep your helmet surface.

How do I know what design will work on my helmet?

There are heaps of different helmet designs out there. Helmet Flair will work on almost every helmet. Before deciding on a design, take a look at your helmet to see if you have some flat space to mount the Nubbins (magnet bases). Helmet Flair recommends that you have at least 3/4 inches of good plastic to adhere the Nubbins onto the helmet.

If you are mounting Helmet Flair onto a snow sports helmet or a motorcycle helmet, you’ll want to consider your visor and/or your goggles. Remember to put your goggles in their up position as well. It’s so sad to get excited about a design only to realize it’s not compatible.

Check out Helmet Flair's Instagram and Facebook Page, you will see the most common mounting locations for the different designs. Don’t worry, you can get creative and place them in whatever way you’d like.

Here are some tips based on the range of Helmet Flair designs:

  • Small Horns: These are great with helmets of all kind as they can mount far enough back on your helmet so your visor or goggles can go into the 'up' position. With six colors to choose from, you can collect them all and make your own combinations.
  • Large Horns: If you are looking to make a strong statement with your helmet horns, these are for you. Proportionally, they look the best on motorcycle helmets because they are bigger. And remember that these were tested at 180mph on a free fall.... ride as fast as you'd like.
  • Unicorn Horn: Feeling magical? Yeah, thought so. The unicorn horn can be mounted on your helmet further forward if you are using a bicycle or skateboard helmet. For motorcycle helmets, you'll want to mount it a bit further back. If you are feeling really wild, mount a whole bunch of them in a row to make your own helmet mohawk!
  • Kitty Ears: Meow! This set is perfect for all helmets. Their low profile make the cat ears a perfect match for your motorcycle helmet because they will withstand the winds. You can get both purple and pink kitty ears to swap out as your mood changes.
  • Rhino Horns: These are best suited to bicycle and skateboard helmets because they look best when they are far enough forward to get that rhino effect. Of course, like with all Helmet Flair products, you can mount them however you'd like, so get creative.
  • Banana: This one was an afterthought for Helmet Flair's design team, but has turned out the be one of their most popular helmet decoration designs. You can mount the banana to look like it's going through your head or like it's curved. Totally up to you.

How fast can I go with my Helmet Flair?

All Helmet Flair's products have been tested at some pretty high speeds, but if you are worried about knocking them off with an activity like fast riding, skydiving or rock climbing, you can always permanently attach the Flair to the Nubbin with double sided tape or Speed Tabs. Remember that Helmet Flair is not a safety device, so use good judgement to ensure you don't compromise the safety features of your helmet.

Will my Helmet Flair just come off?

Wind alone will normally not knock your Flair off. If you knock them off with a ski pole or from a heated Unicorn fencing match, no sweat. Just pop them back on. The Flair was intentionally designed to pop off in the event of a crash. This ensures that the helmet can do its job of protecting your brain.

Can I remove the Nubbin (magnet base)?

Helmet Flair uses the same kind of adhesives as a GoPro mount. You can remove it by prying it off and getting the remaining adhesive off with something like Goo Gone.