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Integrated with the world’s toughest and thinnest material

The Alpha Series jacket is no regular jacket. It’s shell face is empowered with Graphene, the toughest (and lightest) material on Earth. Many have started talking about the coming “age of Graphene” and how this material will disrupt the world. Graphene X has worked hundreds of iterations to see how to empower the Alpha Series shell face with Graphene and the efforts have paid off. Sourcing the best Graphene out there and properly integrate it to fabrics is no easy task, this is why the Alpha series jacket takes over 4 months to be manufactured.


Engineered to last a lifetime

Graphene’s tensile strength is 200x stronger than the one you find in steel and this becomes evident when you test the abrasion resistance of the Alpha Series jacket. They ran the Martindale Abrasion and Pilling test on the Alpha Series jacket (a test designed to test how the fabric holds up after X amount of rubs that simulate wear) and after 50.000 rubs the fabric was as good as new. As a reference military grade gear is required to withstand 20.000 rubs to be fit for duty.

Superlative thermal distribution

Graphene radiates Far Infrared Energy (FIR) almost identically as the human body. This leads to incredibly efficient heat management. The Alpha Series jacket has been tested accompanied with just a t-shirt in temperatures of 5 Celsius (41 Fahrenheit) and felt comfortable. Humidity, wind and even your own metabolism can change your comfort levels so consider using a mid-layer like the GRAnaREC if your adventure takes you to colder situations to play along with the Alpha Series jacket.

Waterproofness and breathability – it’s all about the right balance.

Waterproofness is measured in millimetres using a Hydrostatic Head test and the procedure checks how many millimetres of water can the fabric withstand before it leaks. The higher this number, the higher the waterproofness level. On the other side, the higher this number, the lower the breathability (imagine wearing a plastic bag – it sure won’t allow water to come in but you’ll feel like wearing a sauna). The Alpha Series jacket hits the spot in this balance, allowing you to hike in the middle of a hurricane without water leaking in, but featuring high levels of breathability so the experience is flawless.   

Antibacterial shell face

With Covid-19 we all started caring more than ever about hygiene and protecting ourselves against external pathogens. Copper and silver are known for their antibacterial properties and have been widely used to empower goods. Less known is the fact that Graphene is antibacterial as well. By integrating Graphene in the shell face of the Alpha Series jacket, it is putting an extra barrier of protection between you and the world that could inactivate 98% of bacteria and kill over 90% of them even after being washed over 100 times.

The A-team of devices are here

Graphene-X does not cut corners and every single element used on the Alpha Series is literally the best of the best that can found on the market. Every single one of the zippers in the Alpha Series is from YKK (even the ones you can’t see) and even though their production lead times is over 90 days and their cost 3-5 times more than the second best of the market. When developing goods like this there’s only one way to go.

This little amazing piece of technology can save your life

The main purpose of a jacket like the Alpha Series is to protect you against the elements. Well, the Alpha goes way beyond that. Imagine you are doing some backcountry skiing or venturing into the middle of Amazonas and suddenly weather gets you lost and without any kind of communication with the world. Meet RECCO. RECCO is a reflector which does not need power to operate and which will reflect signals from the rescue mission so they can identify your position. This reflector is hidden inside the hood of the Alpha Series jacket and even though you won’t ever see or feel it, it might just save your life.