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Faction Dictator Series Deep Dive

Hand-crafted with a Poplar Wood Core reinforced by two full-length sheets of Metal, the Dictator Series is built for fast, furious performance. It's for the hardest of chargers, yet media testing feedback says Dictator is more maneuverable, perfect for railing, yet a dream in trees, moguls, tight-turning scenarios. Elliptical Sidecut — longer radius underfoot, and shorter in the tip and tail — allows you to arc a gorgeous turn one moment, and throw the skis totally sideways the next to scrub speed, without fear of hooking an edge. Subtle tip and tail rocker provide float and "crud" busting prowess, while plenty of camber ensures amazing edge-hold.


Two full sheets of metal for fast, furious performance.


Both long arcs + short radius turns. Instant reaction in moguls & trees.


More playful flex than other full-metal skis. Easier to ski.

1.0 / 2.0

Ultra-fast. Full control. Super stable carving + crushes mixed terrain.

3.0 / 4.0

Super-super fast & stable. Blast through crud. Big floatation. Big stomps.


For women who rip. Same construction as main, unisex range just different lengths and artwork.


90% of skis now crafted by Austrian production partners. Soon to be 100%.