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Alloi Protection


Alloi's products provide 4 layers of protection where it matters. Antimicrobial technology starts killing microbes on contact, keeping your device safe from germs. Military-grade drop protection keeps it safe from life


Everything Alloi does is technology-driven. Alloi spent thousands of hours (and dollars) researching, testing, and re-testing their technology. Alloi is 100% committed to leading with cutting-edge science.


Alloi's Copper Cases are made for you. Soft, smooth, grippy feel. Clicky, responsive ultra-tactical buttons. Lighter than many other phone cases. Elite protection that stands up to military-grade drop standards.


The Copper Case is specially formulated to retain its color. Alloi uses a proprietary copper composite to deliver the benefits of copper, without the drawbacks. Because it contains pure copper, your case will develop an amazing patina over time that is unique to you.

The patina will first develop in the places where you most commonly touch your phone, although over a span of days and weeks it will develop evenly. 

Disclaimer: The Copper Case is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, and none of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA or EPA.