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Winnerwell Stove Guide

Winnerwell Stove Guide

The portable wood stove for warmth and cooking.

Winnerwell wood-burning stoves have become the gold standard for basecamp setups. 

We've divided up this collection by stove size, so that you can easily know which accessories work with the right stove. It's important when you get your first Winnerwell stove to be sure you have a tall enough flue to exhaust the smoke clear of the area or out of your tent, and you really should only operate it with a spark arrestor in place, too. Depending on your basecamp setup, this may require a 45- or 90-degree turn, and maybe even some weatherproof flashing. Take a look below and shop in the large, 3.5 inch sizing or the medium, 2.5 inch. Of course, any in-tent setup will require a fireproof mat and proper flue setup. 

Winnerwell Stove Guide

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