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Meet the stool that walks. The stool that follows you wherever you go and isn’t too big to carry in your bag. The stool that simply folds away. The Walkstool.


Even the most active thrillseekers need to take a load off sometimes. Embodying Swedish engineering and innovation, Walkstool brings you two designs of a three-legged stool with folding, telescopic legs. Sometimes when you’re backpacking or hiking you need a place to sit and take things in. The Walkstool Basic and Comfort stools are lightweight, compact, portable, and durable, ideal for camping trips, picnics, and outdoor sports observation. Sit in comfort and innovation with Walkstool, brought to you by your friends at

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Walkstool ComfortWalkstool Comfort
Walkstool Comfort Sale priceFrom $32.95
Walkstool Basic
Walkstool Basic Sale priceFrom $59.95