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Unior, the european hand tools producer, is a synonym for reliable, high-quality and functionally designed hand tools around the world.

Unior Bike Tools

Unior is a combination of two Slovenian words meaning “universal tools”, UNIverzalna ORodja. They bring the best bicycle maintenance tools Europe has to offer to the US.

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Wheel Alignment Gauge
Hanger Genie
Unior Bike Tools
Hanger Genie Sale price$117.99
BB Wrench 16 Notch
Bracket Socket 16 Notch
Bracket Socket BBR60
Cassette wrench
Bracket Socket BB9000
Bracket Socket BSA30
Cable Cutters
Carbon saw blade
Cassette Tool
Head set cup removerHead set cup remover
Combination Pliers
Crank puller
Diagonal Cutting Nippers
Unior Bike Tools
EURO13 Sale price$44.99
Unior Bike Tools
EURO7 Sale price$26.99
Frame taps
Unior Bike Tools
Frame taps Sale price$19.99
Pro Pedal Wrench
Pocket wheel truing tool
Tapered Crank Puller
Pro Chain Wear Indicator
Rotor truing gauge
Awl set
Unior Bike Tools
Awl set Sale price$27.99
Y Socket Wrench
Tire Levers
Unior Bike Tools
Tire Levers Sale price$109.99
Tool Wrap Set
Torque WrenchTorque Wrench