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For every tier of adventurer, from novice to professional, these innovative designs will change the way people experience the outdoors.


The UltrAspire brand was founded by Bryce Thatcher, inspired by the idea of making sure explorers like you are fully equipped for the adventure ahead. Driven by a passion for supporting athletes at every level, the UltrAspire brand recognizes that irrespective of skill level or experience, everyone requires support in certain aspects. Standards such as comfort, function, fit, freedom of motion, and access are fundamentals, not privileges when it comes to those who never say “no” to the prize ahead. The team at UltrAspire is made up of souls who share Bryce’s passion for equipping athletes, adventurers, and thrill-seekers with top products that combine innovation, technology, and continuous improvement. From wearable gear that offers superior comfort, protection, hydration, and illumination, the UltrAspire brand has you covered, no matter where you are in the journey.

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Zygos 5.0 Hydration PackZygos 5.0 Hydration Pack
Momentum 2.0 Race VestMomentum 2.0 Race Vest
UltrAspire 18650 Battery
Alpha 5.0 Race VestAlpha 5.0 Race Vest
Speedgoat 3.0 Waist PackSpeedgoat 3.0 Waist Pack
UltrAspire 18650 Battery Charger
UltraFlask 550 Hybrid BottleUltraFlask 550 Hybrid Bottle
Synaptic 2.0 Waist PackSynaptic 2.0 Waist Pack
2L Reservoir 2.02L Reservoir 2.0
2L Reservoir 2.0 Sale price$39.95
Lumen AllyLumen Ally
Lumen Ally Sale price$29.95
Lumen Clip 180Lumen Clip 180
Lumen Clip 180 Sale price$29.95
Astral 4.0 Race VestAstral 4.0 Race Vest
Basham Race VestBasham Race Vest
Basham Race Vest Sale price$89.95
Human 20 2.0Human 20 2.0
Human 20 2.0 Sale price$10.00
XT Lifestyle BottleXT Lifestyle Bottle
1L Reservoir 2.01L Reservoir 2.0
1L Reservoir 2.0 Sale price$36.95
300 mL Softflask w/ Bite Cap300 mL Softflask w/ Bite Cap
F250 2.0 HandheldF250 2.0 Handheld
F250 2.0 Handheld Sale price$19.95
550 Pocket Handheld550 Pocket Handheld
550 Race 2.0 Handheld550 Race 2.0 Handheld
Iso Pocket 3.0 HandheldIso Pocket 3.0 Handheld
Essential Bottle Pack Hydration BeltEssential Bottle Pack Hydration Belt
Lumen 200 Waist LightLumen 200 Waist Light
Lumen 50SLumen 50S
Lumen 50S Sale price$19.95
Bronco Race VestBronco Race Vest
Bronco Race Vest Sale price$129.95
Element Waist PackElement Waist Pack
Plexus 2.0 Waist PackPlexus 2.0 Waist Pack
Spry 3.0 Race VestSpry 3.0 Race Vest
Nucleus Race VestNucleus Race Vest
Nucleus Race Vest Sale price$84.95
Neon Reflective VestNeon Reflective Vest
Legacy 2.0 Race VestLegacy 2.0 Race Vest