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Top 4th of July Gear Picks

Top 4th of July Gear Picks

4th of July holiday accessories.

Celebrate America’s Independence with our top gear picks for everything you need in shades of red, white and blue. 

Whether breaking free from old traditions or crushing your family’s annual celebration, we’ve got the holiday weekend covered with gear that will make this year one for the record books. And yes, your mom’s film photo album counts as a record book. This collection features gear we love for a weekend in the woods or a full day hang in the local city park, plus the clothing we wear to represent the united, free and independent. 

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Rudy Project
Cutline Sale priceFrom $214.99
Blue Zig-Zag MatBlue Zig-Zag Mat
Blue Zig-Zag Mat Sale priceFrom $74.99