Climbing has risks! You are dangling from the edge of a cliff and you should know what you are doing up there. Sterling equips you with safe gear to keep things real on the rocks.

Hollow Block 2Hollow Block 2

Hollow Block 2

From $22.99
Mini Spool

Mini Spool

From $16.99
Aero 9.2mmAero 9.2mm

Aero 9.2mm

From $239.99
Canyon Lux 8mmCanyon Lux 8mm

Canyon Lux 8mm

From $229.99
Canyon TechCanyon Tech

Canyon Tech

From $289.99
Superstatic2 1/2"Superstatic2 1/2"
Sold out

Superstatic2 1/2"

From $249.99
Safetypro 10mmSafetypro 10mm

Safetypro 10mm

From $184.99
Safetypro 9mmSafetypro 9mm
Sold out

Safetypro 9mm

From $159.99
Quest 9.6mm

Quest 9.6mm

From $249.99
Superstatic2 7/16"Superstatic2 7/16"

Superstatic2 7/16"

From $219.99
Superstatic2 3/8"Superstatic2 3/8"

Superstatic2 3/8"

From $189.99
Safetypro 11mmSafetypro 11mm
Sold out

Safetypro 11mm

From $264.99
Safetypro 10.5mmSafetypro 10.5mm
Sold out

Safetypro 10.5mm

From $239.99
Gym PhenomGym Phenom

Gym Phenom

Gym RevoGym Revo

Gym Revo

From $444.99
Velocity 9.8mm

Velocity 9.8mm

From $244.99
Duetto 8.4mm

Duetto 8.4mm

From $199.99
Ionr 9.4mm

Ionr 9.4mm

From $249.99
Slim GymSlim Gym

Slim Gym

Big Gym

Big Gym

Htp Static

Htp Static

From $204.99
Rope ATSRope ATS

Rope ATS

Canyon C-IVCanyon C-IV

Canyon C-IV

From $254.99
Canyon Prime 8.5mmCanyon Prime 8.5mm

Canyon Prime 8.5mm

From $89.99

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