Classic canvas tents for seasonal camping and year long breathtaking morning views.


Springbar Canvas tents are the iconic family camping tent of the 1960s. Born in 1918, Jack Kirkham owned an awning shop until he decided to build a better, modern-designed tent in 1961. What resulted was the Springbar canvas tent, which was a revelation in design for its time and went on to become an iconic piece of Americana from the campers and road-trippers of the 60s.

Today you can get the same Springbar canvas tent with that totally unique Springbar roofline profile, 6.5 feet of headroom, and built of waterproof-but-breathable army duck cotton canvas. This is the way camping is supposed to be, without all the tech and mugginess of today's synthetic materials.

There's nothing like the nostalgia and pure feeling of basically having a portable cabin. Set up a couple cots, sit under the shade of the canvas porch and fish a lake in the Uintas. Or grab a few of them and set up a tent city base camp from which to launch a week's worth of loop rides and day hikes. Look out, Moab!

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