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Whether cruising from the office to the beach, the coffee shop to campus, or just taking a lazy Saturday ride with friends, your bicycle is a vital accessory.

Solé Bicycle Co.

Bikes are an essential form of transportation, and for many folks, a critical element when it comes to finding joy and experiencing thrills on the journey we call life. Whether it’s an outdoor expedition off the beaten path or an easy commute between the places you need to go, a bike ride is one of life’s simplest and truest pleasures. The dual-wheeled life requires having a set of wheels that are designed for you and the way that you roll. Riding for health or commuting means having gear that is suited for the path. Top athletes understand that their training can be compromised with mediocre equipment and so-so wear. They also understand that these essential tools can and should be an extension of who they are.

The Solé Bicycle Company was founded in 2009 by friends who were dissatisfied with what was available when it came to bicycles. The brand was conceived under the notion that one’s bicycle isn’t merely just a vehicle for transportation. Your bike is very much a canvas that should represent who you are and the things that move you. Solé bikes are not only functional, but they’re also fashion-forward, bringing style and personality to your two-wheel excursions. The founders of the brand also wanted to revolutionize the purchasing experience, by shipping bikes that are almost fully assembled directly to bicycle enthusiasts, eliminating the hassle and tedium of bike shops. Solé bicycles are for everyone who loves the two-wheel life, from serious cyclists to the most casual of weekend cruisers. is not only your source for premium gear, but we also strive to curate products that reflect our passions as well as those of our favorite customers. Having the best gear is not just about high performance, but also injecting your personality and passion for outdoor thrills into your must-have gear. We love the Solé Bicycle Company story and its mission for offering the world bicycles that are reflections of your personality and style expression. Our support for your outdoor adventures is constant and we love making premium equipment such as the Solé brand available to all of our customers.

Solé Bicycle Co.

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