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Enthusiasm drives Singing Rock's innovations and improvements in their gear - which will help you reach your personal or professional climbing goals.

Singing Rock

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Hex HelmetHex Helmet
Singing Rock
Hex Helmet Sale price$79.99
Canyon Xp
Singing Rock
Canyon Xp Sale price$105.99
Profi Worker 3D Harness
Singing Rock
Profi Worker 3D Harness Sale priceFrom $259.99
Technic Harness
Singing Rock
Technic Harness Sale priceFrom $26.99
Versa II HarnessVersa II Harness
Top Canyon
Singing Rock
Top Canyon Sale price$79.99
Rope Dancer II Harness
Route 44 10.5mm Static NFPARoute 44 10.5mm Static NFPA
Rl Complete Full Body Harness
Expert 3D Harness
Singing Rock
Expert 3D Harness Sale priceFrom $319.99
Singing Rock TopSinging Rock Top
Lift AscendersLift Ascenders
Singing Rock
Lift Ascenders Sale priceFrom $59.99
Body II Work HarnessBody II Work Harness
Urban II Sit Work HarnessUrban II Sit Work Harness
Serac HarnessSerac Harness
Singing Rock
Serac Harness Sale price$89.99
Rope Access KitRope Access Kit
Singing Rock
Rope Access Kit Sale priceFrom $22.99
Onyx HarnessOnyx Harness
Singing Rock
Onyx Harness Sale price$74.99
Garnet HarnessGarnet Harness
Singing Rock
Garnet Harness Sale price$84.99
Red Block
Singing Rock
Red Block Sale price$64.99
Penta HelmetPenta Helmet
Singing Rock
Penta Helmet Sale price$73.99
Flash Access HelmetFlash Access Helmet
Dry BagDry Bag
Singing Rock
Dry Bag Sale priceFrom $119.99
Singing Rock Body II Work Harness
Seamaster 3DSeamaster 3D
Singing Rock
Seamaster 3D Sale price$419.99
Body Speed IIBody Speed II
Singing Rock
Body Speed II Sale priceFrom $139.99
Zaza Full Body Kids HarnessZaza Full Body Kids Harness
Wizard Light Ice Axe White
Urna Leg Rope BagUrna Leg Rope Bag
Triangle Evacuation Harness
Top Rental HarnessTop Rental Harness
Top Padded
Singing Rock
Top Padded Sale price$64.99
Tool Bag
Singing Rock
Tool Bag Sale price$54.99
Timber II Arbor HarnessTimber II Arbor Harness
Tarzan Harness
Singing Rock
Tarzan Harness Sale price$279.99
Tarzan EconomicTarzan Economic
Singing Rock
Tarzan Economic Sale price$129.99
Spinel Harness
Singing Rock
Spinel Harness Sale price$89.99
SR Expert 3D Steel SpeedSR Expert 3D Steel Speed