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Sierra Designs believes people deserve to have good gear for exploring the outdoors, regardless of their background or experience level. They put this belief directly into the products they make.

Sierra Designs

Nearly 50 years ago, Bob Swanson and George Marks founded Sierra Designs in California, believing that every adventurer’s adventure was worthy of top gear, no matter the experience level. The call to the great outdoors must be met with equipment that enhances the experience whether you’re new to this or true to this. From tents to sleep systems to outerwear, Sierra Designs has you covered with products backed by innovation, fueled by passion, and boosted by environmental and social responsibility. After all, how can one commit to outdoor enthusiasts without also committing to the planet and its communities? At Sierra Designs, every camping trip, backpacking adventure, or nature hike is a story waiting to be told. You bring passion and physical preparation as the compelling plot, while Sierra Designs and help you flesh out the details with premium equipment and tools that help you write your best story every time.

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