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Ultra-organized DSLR, drone, and daily carry bags with multi-access compartments and minimalist design with almost no hanging straps.

Peak Design

Peak Design has become one of the action photography industry's most iconic and recognizable premium bag brands. Its highly organized, innovative, patent-laden camera backpacks and messengers are designed by world-traveling photographers in strikingly minimalist designs.

The modularity and multi-access designs of its packs are unparalleled, and early customers have quickly become raving fans. Getting its start on Kickstarter, Peak Design has brought in more than $15M in funding ... making it the most crowdfunded active company today. That's saying a LOT.

Take a look at the Everyday Backpack, for example. Incredible attention to detail is evident from the moment you see it, including external zippered access to the laptop sleeve and adjustable shelving inside the pack to keep you organized. But add to that the wide-open side-zip wing access to the central shelving section and there's just nothing else like it out there.

Top that off with Scandinavian-esque minimalist design aesthetic and it's easy to see why Peak Design has such enthusiastic supporters the world over.

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