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The journey ahead always comes with some level of unpredictability. From tough terrains to twisted paths to strong competition, the challenges are ever-present and persistent. You may not be able to see the finish line, but you’ve not only envisioned the goal, but you also enjoy the journey. After all, you’ve built up the mental toughness and developed the physical endurance needed to realize your dreams. You’ve put together the total package which includes having the right gear to put you on the path to success and you can’t be beaten. You’ve got a grip on this. You’re in complete control.

When you’re moving forward on the right set of wheels, your concern isn’t limited to what your legs and feet are doing. Your hands are an important part of steering you along the many curves and bends in the road ahead. Poor grip on your bike’s handlebars not only impacts your ride, but it also affects how your hands feel during the journey and once the destination is reached. The ODI brand has raised the bar in bike grips for the past four decades, bringing riders of various stripes and types, premium grips that merge innovation, technology and design for comfort and endurance. No matter the terrain or the environment, ODI helps you step up your riding experience with extensively tested products that establish and redefine the standard for a quality grip.

At, we know that our customers rely on us to supply them with the best gear for all their open-air adventures. Whether you ride for fun or for competition, we recognize the passion that unites us all and drives our commitment to partner with top brands. The ODI brand is one that we love providing to our customers who enjoy cycling in all kinds of locales and weather conditions. Compromising the journey with subpar products is not an option for you, and we know the importance of bringing you products that are sourced from partners who are intimately familiar with the two-wheel life on dirt, road, mountain, street and other surfaces. We consider it a privilege to bring you high-performance gear from ODI and other top suppliers.

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