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NANUK protective equipment and instrument cases are designed to protect the most sensitive equipment in the harshest environments.


NANUK’s state-of-the-art production facilities and multidisciplinary teams include specialists in thermoplastics engineering and tooling, industrial design, mold making, graphic design​,​ and manufacturing. NANUK lends a hand to some of the most demanding professions in the world. They take the worry out of damaging expensive, mission-critical gear. They design each product knowing that the gear, tools, devices, and equipment that professionals use determines success or failure. At NANUK, failure is not an option!

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Nanuk 915Nanuk 915
Nanuk 915 Sale priceFrom $115.95
Nanuk 925Nanuk 925
Nanuk 925 Sale price$183.95
Nanuk Nano 320Nanuk Nano 320
Nanuk Nano 320 Sale price$31.95