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The world's first smart bike helmet with integrated turn signals and brake lights. Lumos Helmets allow you to ride safer than ever before.

Lumos Helmet

Founders Eu-Wen Ding and Jeff Chen launched this helmet project on Kickstarter in 2015 with the sole mission of strengthening the safety of cyclists everywhere. Lumos quickly became the fastest-growing bike helmet campaign in history. It is clear that these sleek, tech-savvy helmets are a necessity in the commuter world. Every Lumos helmet is integrated with LED turn signals that are easily activated with the companion remote or even by gesture recognition using the Apple watch. If you make a sudden stop, this helmet lights up with automatic brake lights alerting both walkers and drivers around you. Feel confident that you can be seen by everyone. 

Lumos takes quality, safety, and innovation very seriously. Every helmet passes rigorous safety standards ensuring reliable impact protection. You can also ride comfortably in rain or shine with its waterproof and air-vented design. With the Lumos Companion App, you can customize your light patterns and track your activity. This helmet is laden with all the tech strappings and is super simple to use. Rechargeable with only a two-hour charge time, these helmets are ready for your road adventures.

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