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IGNIGHT leaves a trail of history in every detail. With a mission to power devices on the go for days on end, IGNIGHT provides a rugged multifunctional tool for life's adventures unlike any other.


Adventure enthusiast Chris Evans founded IGNIGHT to solve one problem: Power the devices we use on the go for days on end while providing a rugged, multifunctional tool for life's adventures. Chris and his team of geniuses spent over a year researching, testing prototypes, and finally developing what would become the official IGNIGHT mobile power bank. Founder & CEO Chris Evans believes a life well lived is a life made epic. As an avid skydiver, skier, and overall adrenaline enthusiast, he launched IGNIGHT based on the foundation of living in the moment and making each day better than the last. Good vibes and good times with those we cherish most are woven into IGNIGHT’s very fabric. This means keeping the devices we use to capture these moments going is paramount. Enter IGNIGHT.

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