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From picnics in the park, to road trips with the family, an insulated backpack cooler bag from ICEMULE is essential to keeping everything ice cold and easy-to-carry.


The founder of Icemule, James Collie, found himself wondering why so many popular coolers on the market were big, boxy and not meant to move with you. He decided to try his hand at finding his own solution. Icemule’s various lines of soft-sided coolers are meant to keep food and drinks incredibly cold, because you shouldn't have to forgo tasty morsels and frosty thirst-quenchers while you're out moving and exploring. Most importantly, coolers from Icemule are anything but bulky and unwieldy. Icemule's offerings are meant to be worn, move with you, are waterproof, comfortable, and easily transportable so they can go wherever you do.

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The ICEMULE Classic™ Medium 15LThe ICEMULE Classic™ Medium 15L
The ICEMULE Classic™ Large 20LThe ICEMULE Classic™ Large 20L
The ICEMULE Pro™ Large 23LThe ICEMULE Pro™ Large 23L
The ICEMULE Pro™ X-Large 33LThe ICEMULE Pro™ X-Large 33L
The ICEMULE Classic™ Small 10LThe ICEMULE Classic™ Small 10L
The ICEMULE Classic™ Mini 9LThe ICEMULE Classic™ Mini 9L
The ICEMULE Jaunt™ 9LThe ICEMULE Jaunt™ 9L
The ICEMULE DryPack™The ICEMULE DryPack™
The ICEMULE Traveler™ 25LThe ICEMULE Traveler™ 25L
The ICEMULE Urbano™ 30LThe ICEMULE Urbano™ 30L
R-Jaunt 20LR-Jaunt 20L
R-Jaunt 20L Sale price$169.95
ICEMULE 32oz Sports BottleICEMULE 32oz Sports Bottle
The ICEMULE Traveler™ 35LThe ICEMULE Traveler™ 35L