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Perfect swing, splitting power, and impeccable Scandinavian construction.

Hults Bruk

Hand-forging axes in Sweden since 1697, Hults Bruk is steeped in tradition—from its centuries-old location to its high-quality craftsmanship. Yet Hults Bruk hasn’t been afraid to improve its processes and products throughout its tenure. It all began in 1697 when the company forged steel for shipbuilding using water-driven hammers. Products included nails, iron bars, axes, and spades. In 1887, Gunner Ekelund, ironmonger and then Hults Bruk owner, traveled to America to study state-of-the-art production methods and buy contemporary manufacturing machinery. The modernization of the company continued in the 1930s, as Hults Bruk found innovative ways to forge blade edges that maintain superior sharpness over time. Today, Hults Bruk is Sweden’s largest ax producer and the brand is renowned worldwide. The company employs upwards of 20 people and hand forges more than 100,000 ax heads each year. During the forging process, Master Blacksmiths still strike the Swedish steel by hand multiple times to increase its density and durability.

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