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Helle strongly believes that form matters and is an essential step in building all their products. The goal of Helle is to always produce high-quality tools not just made for nature but inspired by it.

Helle Knives

Rooted deeply in Scandinavian culture, Helle Knives represents a dedication to honesty, hard work, and quality. As a small, third-generation family business in rural Norway, Helle understands the value of quality craftsmanship and what it takes to survive an ever-changing world. With each beautiful blade created, Helle Knives shares a slice of Norway with the rest of the world. Just like the people who make up the company, each Helle knife is unique. No two Helle products are identical, and this furthers the individuality and quality of each item. Helle Knives values history and heritage - of both people and products. Every Helle Knife put into the market comes with a story - it's a piece of Scandinavia sent into the global puzzle. From the small factory in Holmedal, a rural community on the West Coast of Norway, each knife is constructed by hand. From the supply chain for raw materials to marketing and shipping, each step in creating a Helle Knife is focused entirely on craftsmanship and honoring heritage. Helle has adapted over the years to continue sharing incredible knives and incredible stories with the world.

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