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Premium Rock Climbing Gear

Of all the outdoor activities you can enjoy, climbing gives some of the greatest thrills along with a sense of achievement. It’s also a sport that demands the best equipment you can find. Our hand-curated collection of essential climbing gear is designed to equip you with the finest gear possible.

Rock Climbing Gear

If you have gotten into rock climbing, you know how it can take hold of you. Reaching the top of one climb only leads to the desire to keep improving and find the next. To make the most of each climb and to feel secure, you need premium gear.

Our team specializes in crafting the ultimate selection of gear. We know the challenges and thrills of adventure activities like rock climbing. That’s why we work to bring together the tools you need for each day outside.

The Ultimate Climbing Gear Package

Shopping our selection of climbing gear is like visiting the best equipment shops at top climbing destinations—except you can find your premium climbing gear package right at home. Start out with comfortable clothes that move with you and find the perfect climbing shoes.

Of course, we offer a complete selection of premium gear, too. From ropes and harnesses to chalk bags and packs, you can get fully equipped for your climbing passion.

Shop All of Our Climbing Gear Below

Find the perfect combination of equipment and clothing for your climbing adventures. Our hand-selected collections are designed to be the best. Like you, we have a passion for the ultimate gear for each experience. Find yours here.


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Grivel Crampon Spare PartsGrivel Crampon Spare Parts
Grivel Crampon Spare Parts Sale priceFrom $11.99
Save 50%Ultra RunnerUltra Runner
Ultra Runner Sale price$15.00 Regular price$29.99
Bison Designs Versa Links
Click-Up Plus Belay DeviceClick-Up Plus Belay Device
CMI Rigging PlatesCMI Rigging Plates
CMI Rigging Plates Sale priceFrom $100.30
CMI Earth Chalk
CMI Earth Chalk Sale price$4.85
Wire Rope DrawWire Rope Draw
Wire Rope Draw Sale priceFrom $17.99
Fixe Steel Gym Carabiner
Fixe Chain and Traditional AnchorFixe Chain and Traditional Anchor
Fixe Wedge BoltFixe Wedge Bolt
Fixe Wedge Bolt Sale priceFrom $7.99
Fixe Ring AnchorFixe Ring Anchor
Fixe Ring Anchor Sale priceFrom $8.99
Trend HarnessTrend Harness
Trend Harness Sale price$99.99
Grivel Replacement Blades And HammersGrivel Replacement Blades And Hammers
Grivel G1 AxeGrivel G1 Axe
Grivel G1 Axe Sale price$84.99
Grivel Air Tech G-Bone AxeGrivel Air Tech G-Bone Axe
Grivel Air Tech G-Bone Axe Sale priceFrom $189.00
Rescue Ratchet Lanyard
Rope Access KitRope Access Kit
Singing Rock
Rope Access Kit Sale priceFrom $22.99
Singing Rock TopSinging Rock Top
Singing Rock
Singing Rock Top Sale priceFrom $44.99
Lift AscendersLift Ascenders
Singing Rock
Lift Ascenders Sale priceFrom $59.99
Body II Work HarnessBody II Work Harness
Top Canyon
Singing Rock
Top Canyon Sale price$79.99
Urban II Sit Work HarnessUrban II Sit Work Harness
Serac HarnessSerac Harness
Singing Rock
Serac Harness Sale price$89.99
Onyx HarnessOnyx Harness
Singing Rock
Onyx Harness Sale price$79.99
Vesta Sport Mix QuickdrawsVesta Sport Mix Quickdraws
Vesta Sport Mix Quickdraws Sale priceFrom $16.99
Mydas Ultra Quickdraws
Mydas Ultra Quickdraws Sale priceFrom $13.99
Echo QuickdrawEcho Quickdraw
Echo Quickdraw Sale priceFrom $14.99
Kong X-Large Stainless SteelKong X-Large Stainless Steel
Kong X-Large Stainless Steel Sale priceFrom $29.99
Crampon AccessoriesCrampon Accessories
Crampon Accessories Sale priceFrom $9.99
Accessory MinicarabinerAccessory Minicarabiner
Accessory Minicarabiner Sale priceFrom $11.99
Up-Rise Zero - MenUp-Rise Zero - Men
Up-Rise Zero - Men Sale price$157.95
Rescue Canyoning Knife
Giga Jul Belay Device
Mega Jul Belay Kit
Mega Jul Belay Kit Sale price$72.95
Maillon Rapide Delta Plated Quick Links
Cypress6™ Sale price$64.95
Haulerbiner Compact Rescue Kit
Rocker Ropegrab
Rocker Ropegrab Sale price$127.99
Medium Double Prusik Pulley
HMS Parabiner With Belay Bar
CMI Rope WasherCMI Rope Washer
CMI Rope Washer Sale priceFrom $63.30
Fixe CarabinerFixe Carabiner
Fixe Carabiner Sale priceFrom $19.99
Black Box Rope Bag
Black Box Rope Bag Sale price$20.99