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CLIF BAR Delivers Sustained Energy For Hiking, Climbing, Skiing, Or A Long Bike Ride. Crafted With A Blend Of Protein, Fat And Carbs, So You Can Move The World.

Clif Bar

Clif Bar strives to create a healthy and sustainable food system. But more than that, they want Clif to be around for future generations so that others will have a place to contribute, learn, and grow while they live the life they want to live. Every day, Clif is alive with passionate, intelligent, creative, and responsible human beings. These people have driven Clif into the amazing and responsible company it is today. Making food that’s nutritious and sustainable means looking beyond the recipe to how it’s made, shipped, and enjoyed. To help sustain both people and the planet, Clif Bar is committed to zero waste, green power, eco-friendly packaging, and more.

Clif Bar

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