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Cane Creek believes that riding bikes makes life better so theywork to make bikes better.

Cane Creek

It’s the brilliant minds at Cane Creeks’ belief that a cycling component brand must be about more than just balance sheets, income statements, and manufacturing quotas. Simply because a product may be profitable doesn’t mean it’s worth making. If it does nothing to make riding better – through innovative design, superior performance, and quality craftsmanship – then, simply put, Cane Creek doesn’t do it. Cane Creek is made of riders first, and they know the difference that cycling makes in our lives. They know that every time someone chooses a Cane Creek product they are choosing to trust them with something that makes their life better. Cane Creek continues to honor that trust by making sure that every product they release – from a simple bearing to a four-way adjustable shock – is the best it can possibly be.

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Thudbuster G4 STThudbuster G4 ST
Cane Creek
Thudbuster G4 ST Sale price$199.99
eeWings MountaineeWings Mountain
Cane Creek
eeWings Mountain Sale price$1,099.99
40 Tapered Conversion
110 External Cup
Cane Creek
110 External Cup Sale price$159.99