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You can’t beat a Brunton. The brand is synonymous with accuracy, durability and dependability.


Brunton has been handmaking professional-grade compasses since 1894 when geologist and mining engineer D.W. Brunton sought out a skilled watch repairman to build his legendary Pocket Transit compass. Brunton’s invention was far smaller than any of the bulky equipment available at that time, making him a minimalist long before it became an outdoor buzzword.

Today the company manufactures a variety of precision instruments to make your outdoor adventures safer. Use Brunton’s weather tracking tools to decide if the timing is right to make a summit bid when the sky looks ominous or a monocular to observe wildlife from a decent distance and get a crisp, clear view of those velvety antlers in the early spring. The Brunton name is synonymous with accuracy, durability, and dependability.

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Echo Zoom Monocular Sale price$55.95
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