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If you love your Bogs, then you have started a journey to increasingly decrease the carbon bootprint. Bogs are always made to last and when you are done loving your pair will be recycled to be someone else's loved pairs.

Bogs Footwear

Bogs knows a thing or two about the great outdoors. They actually know way more than a thing or two about the great outdoors, but what's important is that they think the outdoors are great. That's why they're called the great outdoors! Bogs are from Oregon, the land of lumberjacks, trailblazers, dairy farmers, and cycling baristas with big, bushy beards. They have those beards because Oregon can be wet and cold and gloriously miserable. But with Bogs, your feet are never miserable. Because Bogs has devoted their entire lives to making boots that are lighter and more comfortable than any other boot, in any kind of weather. The result? Boots that are warmer, dryer, more comfortable, easier to get on and off, and sometimes cuter, than just about anything you can put on your feet. Because Bogs not only has your back; they have your toes. And your heels and your arches. And most of your ankles, calves and shins, as well.

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