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Backpacker's Pantry push the boundaries of traditional backpacking meals, to create adventurous flavor options inspired by recipes from around the world, and strive to accommodate as many dietary restrictions as possible.

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Neapolitan Ice Cream SandwichNeapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich
Pad Thai Jay W/Chicken 2PPad Thai Jay W/Chicken 2P
Creme Brulee 2PCreme Brulee 2P
Shepherd Potato Stew W/Beef 2PShepherd Potato Stew W/Beef 2P
Louisiana Beans & RiceLouisiana Beans & Rice
Granola W/ Bananas Almds Milk
Peanut Butter & Banana OatmealPeanut Butter & Banana Oatmeal
Granola W/Blubrries & Milk 1PGranola W/Blubrries & Milk 1P
Cuban Coconut Black Bean/RiceCuban Coconut Black Bean/Rice
Fd Ice Cream Sandwich 1PFd Ice Cream Sandwich 1P
Mango Sticky Rice 2PMango Sticky Rice 2P
Apple Cinnamon Oat/QuinoaApple Cinnamon Oat/Quinoa
Stroganoff W/ Mushrooms & BeefStroganoff W/ Mushrooms & Beef
Dark Chocolate Cheese Cake 2PDark Chocolate Cheese Cake 2P
Risotto W/Chicken 2PRisotto W/Chicken 2P
Lasagna-Vegetarian 2PLasagna-Vegetarian 2P
Chicken & RiceChicken & Rice
Pasta PrimaveraPasta Primavera
Mushroom StroganoffMushroom Stroganoff
Rocky Mountain Scrambler 1PRocky Mountain Scrambler 1P
Santa Fe Rice & Beans Chicken 2PSanta Fe Rice & Beans Chicken 2P
Summit Breakfast Scramble 1PSummit Breakfast Scramble 1P
Three Sisters Stew 2PThree Sisters Stew 2P