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Article: Sustainable Gear: Your List of Eco-Friendly Brands

Eco friendly brands

Sustainable Gear: Your List of Eco-Friendly Brands

You love the great outdoors and want to support brands that align with your value of sustainability. What eco-friendly brands are high quality and built to last? At, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of eco-friendly brands to keep you hydrated, dry, warm, and chill while you explore the world your way.

Hydration - ORCA

ORCA makes a great water bottle, the Burnt Orange Hydra 66oz, that keeps you hydrated in all climates. Take it on a hike, to the gym, or a climb outdoors. It’s durable and reliable. It retains its temperature, hot or cold, with its metal, easy-to-clean design. This water bottle is built to last with 5 star reviews and responsibly made in China.

Backpack - WANDRD

Travel in style, comfort, and utility with the All-New PRVKE Series bag from WANDRD. At 21 liters, with sturdy shoulder straps and a breathable back panel, this bag is designed to handle a heavy load. A velcro-and-roll cinch strap, plus strong zippers and magnet tote handles, are a great support and security feature for this award-winning bag.

You won’t be disappointed with the Fleece Lined Pocket inside the PRVKE and 3-pocket system, which easily holds a laptop or tablet. Upgrade your bag game with a weatherproof, airport-friendly bag that guarantees a lifetime of satisfaction.


Strong and durable, this 550g set of dual carabiners is built to hold 40-120 kg of weight to accommodate a wide range of users. With its carabiner hook mechanism that locks and unlocks, this innovative set allows you to get the most out of your climb. The two-carabiner design has an internal mechanism that makes one-hand use as easy as possible. The rest loop is a great feature for this high-quality set to make a direct connection. The bungee-style lanyards are extendable and make operation a breeze.


Keep your feet dry and warm in even the most frigid climates with the Chadsey winter boot by Kodiak Boots. These boots fit true to size. These wheat-colored boots are as stylish as they are utilitarian. You can expect great traction on a slippery surface with the Vibram® Arctic Grip™ outsole and well insulated, 50% recycled, faux fur via PrimaLoft® P.U.R.E.™. Know that you're covered with protection and comfort in up to -10°C/14°F.


Soft, strong, and breathable Grand Trunk TRUNKTECH Hammock is compact and ready to go! Built to hold up to 500lbs, this double hammock is perfect for single or dual-use. The fabric is fast-drying, weather-proof, and lightweight–it’s easy to set up and take down. Plus, you get 2 durable carabiners to support this nylon beauty. 

Head to for Your Eco-Friendly Gear Needs

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