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Article: Pro Tips for Camping in the Rain

Pro Tips for Camping in the Rain

Pro Tips for Camping in the Rain

No need to cancel your camping trip just because you see rain in the forecast. With a little extra preparation and some can-do spirit, you can still have a great time even when the weather is gray and soggy. 

Discover how to camp in the rain while staying safe, comfortable, and dry with these pro-tips.

How to Pitch a Tent for the Rain

You’ll want to pack a tent that can tolerate the wind and rain and be strategic when choosing a position to set up. Pick a spot at a slightly higher elevation than the rest of the camp so the water will drain away from your tent. You’ll also want to avoid camping near a stream or lake, as they can overflow and flood your campsite.

Camping in the Rain Checklist

Learning how to camp in the rain starts with learning what to pack. Follow these tried-and-true camping in the rain hacks and discover what to bring and wear to enjoy a wet yet fun camping trip. 

1. Multiple Tarps 

Tarps are a must-have for a wet camping trip. Pick a sloped area so that the water can drain away from your outdoor living room. You’ll need to put a tarp under your tent to help keep the water out. You may also hang multiple tarps above your camping area. This will provide additional shelter while waiting for a break.

2. Extra Layers of Clothing

Your camping in the rain checklist should include extra layers of clothing. Extra layers will help you stay warm and dry. Layers are always a good idea when camping, since temperatures can vary widely even on a clear day.

When your outer layers get wet, be sure to hang them up on a line so they can dry. You can also sleep with the next day’s clothes next to you in your sleeping bag so your body will warm them before you put them on.

3. Good Food

If you have to spend a lot of time huddled under your tarps, why not make a gourmet meal? You can pull out the grill or try a dutch oven recipe to warm up. A portable fire pit can also work well for rainy camping trips because it eliminates the need to hunt for dry firewood. 

The importance of nutrition when camping can’t be overstated. Good food does more than provide comfort, it also gives you the calories you need to deal with colder temperatures. 

Make sure you stay hydrated as well. Being wet on the outside can make you forget to take in enough water. Higher elevation makes dehydration an even bigger issue.

4. Games

Spending more time at camp and less time hiking doesn’t have to be a drag. Bring some fun games to enjoy at camp and make the most of your time away from all the noise and stress of the city.

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