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Article: Top 5 Ski Maintenance Essentials

woman maintaining her skis - adjusting bindings

Top 5 Ski Maintenance Essentials

When you have the right gear, your outdoor adventures are that much better. The right fit and function of your gear enhances each moment. To make sure you get the most of your adventure time, you need to take care of your equipment. This is especially true for gear used in extreme conditions, and ski gear definitely qualifies.

Fortunately, ski maintenance isn’t rocket science. You can do much of it yourself, depending on your comfort level, and most of the steps take very little time. 

If you get in the habit of practicing these 5 basic ski maintenance tasks each time you hit the slopes, you can ensure solid performance and durability for your equipment:

1. Wipe Your Skis

One of the simplest and yet most important tips we can share is to wipe your skis down when you’re done for the day. If you put snow-covered skis in the car, the snow will melt and leave water all over them. This can slowly erode the finish you love on your skis, and rust the metal over time. Just a few seconds of cleaning will save you a lot of trouble down the road.

2. Wax Your Skis Regularly

To keep your skis looking their best—and working the way they are designed to—make sure you wax your skis regularly. If you ski on powder, you can get away with waxing less often, but grinding on harder snow requires more frequent waxing. If you aren’t sure how to wax your skis, ask your local shop for specific advice on your particular skis.

3. Take Care of the Boots and Bindings

Keep your skis in shape, and you will relish each experience more. That includes taking care of the boots and bindings. Make sure you buckle your boots when you store them. This will maintain the shape and feel you love.

Moisture is the enemy of your boots, and they can get pretty soggy after a long day on the slopes. One of our favorite products is GearDryer. Their wall-mount dryer will help keep your boots, gloves, and helmets fresh, dry, and ready for the next day. Check it out here.

If you don’t know how to adjust ski bindings or how to mount ski bindings, your local shop is the best place to go. You can either ask questions to learn how to adjust them yourself, or just have them do it and save some time.

4. Keep Your Skis Sharp

Even if you aren’t a speed demon on the slopes, a nice sharp edge helps make each run amazing. You can sharpen your own skis, or you leave this one to your favorite pro. If you want to learn how to tune your skis, this skill will serve you a lifetime.

5. Store Your Skis Wisely

Your skis (and poles) need to be stored properly between runs and seasons. Knowing how to store skis is simple. Keep them in a cool, dry place so they aren’t exposed to moisture. Also, make sure they are secure so they neither fall nor are struck by other falling objects.

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Looking for the perfect gear that you can lovingly maintain for the coming season? Check out our skis, boards, bindings, and poles to find the gear that will make each run an experience to remember.

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