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Article: Reconnect with White Duck Outdoors

Reconnect with White Duck Outdoors

Reconnect with White Duck Outdoors

Created by passionate outdoor enthusiasts, White Duck was established in 2017 with a mission — to get people outside, and to do it sustainably. As they bridged the gap between people and the environment, their brand sought to create a tent that did more than your average two-man. They aimed to create a tent that lasted a lifetime, and helped people reconnect in new ways. Their vision was to become a part of your story — a reliable partner in every adventure. Though it might seem simple enough, executing this mission was a little more complicated. 


To bring their product to life, the badasses at White Duck faced a few obvious obstacles. First, how do you create a tent unlike anything on the market — one that is approachable enough to get anyone, regardless of experience, outside? And second, how do you create a tent that is as durable as it is sustainable? These are big questions, and ones that came with creative answers.


As they considered material, cotton canvas was a natural choice. Breathable enough for both the heat of the summer and insulated enough for frigid winter nights, it checked all the boxes when it came to comfort and versatility. But to keep things sustainable and highly durable, White Duck opted for a more innovative direction — to create their own fabric

So, Dynaduck cotton canvas was born. This wasn’t the easiest (or cheapest) route to take, but it was the best way to create a tent that met their high standards. As durable as it is sustainable, Dynaduck has a PFC-free coating (a huge favor to the planet), along with a 100% double-fill design. Soon, White Duck joined the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) to also ensure their materials were as sustainably sourced as possible. Merging reliability with sustainability, their product became a reflection of how much they value durability, people, and the environment. The blueprint for their tent was staked down (pun intended), and all that was left was to keep innovating, and find people to fill them.


When it came to putting people in their tents, White Duck wanted everybody. Although they came from a long background of camping and hunting, they wanted their tents to fit everyone’s needs. Even the needs of people who have never camped before. After all, everyone deserves to reconnect with the things that matter most.

The soul of White Duck’s mission is to #reconnectnow. That seems like a pretty vague statement, but according to White Duck, that’s exactly the point. Connection is unique to all of us, and #reconnectnow is about focusing on the things that matter most to you whether it’s the people you're out there with or the sport you’re participating in. In the world we live in, there’s always somewhere to be, something to take care of, and there's always another notification on your phone. Because we’re so connected to the world around us, White Duck encourages us to leave it behind and get outside. #reconnectnow is about disconnecting from the everyday routine and reconnecting with the things that you choose, be that your family, your friends, yourself, or the environment you’re escaping to. It’s human to crave connection, and it’s reconnecting that helps ground us to the people and places we love.  


Bringing people together and helping them get outside in sustainable ways is what White Duck has been doing for five years now, and it’s their passion for people and the planet that has helped build the brand into what it is today. Their product is an investment, but one that you’ll ultimately make in yourself. Between their focus on sustainability and their constant innovation when it comes to reliability, White Duck’s story isn’t just their own — it’s part of yours, too. At the end of the day, they’ve created more than just a product. They’ve created a space for people to reconnect in ways that are quite literally priceless. 

Shop White Duck tents and accessories here.

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