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Article: Tips, Tricks & Truths- Get To Know Odlo Athlete Lisa Perry

Tips, Tricks & Truths- Get To Know Odlo Athlete Lisa Perry

Tips, Tricks & Truths- Get To Know Odlo Athlete Lisa Perry

Lisa Perry is a mother of two and a dedicated runner. Lisa has run for most of her life, she would go running with her dad in her teens, but she didn't fully commit to running and embrace the lifestyle until after graduating from college and making her start in corporate America. Lisa met a coworker who shared her interested in running and encouraged her to run in a local 10 mile race, little did she know that a couple years later she would be running marathons. Learn more about Lisa below!

When you are traveling and away from home for extended periods of time (for competition, training, etc) what meal do you crave the most?

A good cheesesteak! No one makes them as good as they are here in the Philadelphia area. Or a soft pretzel.

If you could have any three people (dead or alive) over for dinner who would they be?

Steve Prefontaine, Jerry Garcia and Jimmy Fallon.

How do you relax? Do you have any favourite hobbies that help you winddown?

When I’m not running, or working, or tending to my family, I enjoy golfing, reading, playing games or doing a puzzle, or shopping.

How have things changed for you and your training during this pandemic?

I have always run alone so nothing about that has changed. What has changed for me is now not doing in person races. Everything is virtual these days.

Has the pandemic impacted how you can prepare for your sport? Will/Is your competition/race/etc schedule being impacted?

It hasn’t impacted my training all that much because I can still go outside and run! Running isn’t cancelled!! But in person races surely have been. I was scheduled to run many races this year and none of them have happened. So, I have been doing virtual races for now to keep myself going and in race shape.

What do you love most about Odlo?

I love that I’m never uncomfortable when wearing their clothes. They are breathable, light and seamless. Even when I’m out in the rain, soaked, their shirts never make me feel like I’m 5lbs heavier like other brands do. Plus, they look good while training or even when out casually!

What sets Odlo apart from other brands?

I think everything I have from ODLO is awesome and I love it. ODLO has created sportswear for all levels of movement. I always used to say that the most important thing you can invest in is your sneakers but nowadays it’s your clothing as well. However, to wear clothing that can help keep you dry or cool or less smelly is an amazing thing and ODLO has created these items, unlike most other brands.

What is your favorite product? Why?

I love everything they offer but my most favorite is the BLACKCOMB PRO t- shirt. The fabric is soft and seamless, and it lays perfectly on me, not too tight or loose. It’s has been through so many runs with me and still looks brand new.

What do you expect from a brand that you work with?

Well, first, I would want them to make the best of the best, which ODLO does. They allow me to wear and test their products, and I can then share with others how awesome the product is and hope that they buy into the brand. It’s also fun when brands allow you to have giveaways so that others can try it out as well and then you hope they get hooked on the brand, as I have been. Odlo did that with the BLACKCOMB shirt with me and also with some of their sports bras and it helped get the word out on social.

I’ve worked with other brands that make me pay for the gear, and then expect me to post about it. I think that is kind of backwards and no longer rep that brand. I don’t expect a brand to send me a whole wardrobe but let me try a few pieces, test them and then if I love them, I’ll buy more so my wardrobe is full! Hope that makes sense.

How long have you been working with Odlo? How did that relationship start?

Since earlier this year around mid to late April. Adrian from ODLO US had reached to me on social media and asked if I’d like to try out some pieces. The relationship started there and has flourished ever since.

What is the best advice you can give to younger athletes or aspiring distance runners?

Always believe in yourself. Start slow and set small goals along the way. Pat yourself on the back for EVERY SINGLE victory.

Do you have any tips for finding motivation to push through tough days?

Not all days will be sunshine and rainbows and not all days we’ll feel like running or being active. But for me, I go anyway. It’s part of my schedule and I know that almost always I’ll feel much better either while I’m running, mid run or when I’m done. I never ever regret a run so on tough days I must remind myself of that. And, the sooner I get out there and do it, the sooner I can get home!

Have you learned any travelling tips or tricks through your experiences?

Be prepared for any kind of weather! It can change quickly, and you don’t want to be stuck with the wrong gear for race day.
Also, if you take a certain kind of fuel, bring that too. You don’t want to be upset because it’s not available at the race.

How do you prepare for your event? Do you have any tips for handling the stress or performance anxiety?

I always go back to review all my training and really remind myself of the fact that I am ready and have put the work in. I think the minute that you doubt yourself or your mindset goes south, that’s when things can go bad. Having a positive mindset and really believing in yourself is how I can help myself put some of the race nerves at bay.

How do you cope with adversity in your sport? Whether it’s a bad day, bad weather, equipment failure, cancelled event, etc?

I try to remember that I get to run. Others cannot run for whatever reason (sickness or injury) and at the end of the day it’s all supposed to be fun. So, that helps keep things in perspective. Plus, as mentioned, not all days are going to be good. It’s those days that you still must show up and make your own sunshine!

Rapid-Fire Q&A

What is your least favourite type of music?

Heavy Metal

Do you snore?


What did you eat for breakfast?

Granola bar and coffee when I first get up, then a protein shake after my run

What is your favourite movie?

Without Limits

Coffee or tea?


What is your favourite season?


Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

Dark Chocolate

Would you go to a movie alone?

Probably not

Window or aisle seat?


Favourite ice cream flavour?


(ed. note: interview has been edited for length and clarity)

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