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Article: Scholarship Winner: Kerri Kessler

Scholarship Winner: Kerri Kessler

Scholarship Winner: Kerri Kessler

Although there are many amazing places with equally amazing memories, Kerri’s all-time favorite place to go is Moab, Utah. Right in between Arches National Park and Canyon Lands National Park, Moab is a red rock lover’s dream. From rafting to hiking and canyoneering to mountain biking, Moab has a little something for everyone. 

From the iconic red rocks to the classic little diner in town, the familiarity of Moab brings Kerri back year after year.  Having a “stomping ground” is key to having a good life, according to Kerri. The familiarity brings back cherished memories. But a good life is more than just sticking to what you know. Kerri pushes to find the perfect balance between old and new as she strives to live her good life. 

Some of her favorite brands are Nanga, Xero Shoes and Black Diamond.

Age: 21

Being outside makes me feel: So happy. 

My hero: i have too many! I would have to say for sure my dad, for teaching me to love the outdoors. My mom for teaching me to be kind to others, and my husband for showing me how to love life and make the most precious moments and memories from little. 

What kinds of adventures will the gear on your wishlist make possible? I got a Mountiansmith backpack that I will take with to many new destinations and heights! The first being Maroon Bells in Aspen, CO.

How will you pay it forward to your community? I want to promote the importance of recycling and keeping the earth green! Lately because of the current requests to quarantine, the skies have been more blue and the streets have been a bit cleaner as well. I don’t want people to stay in all the time, but i do want to that going out is so much better when we are all doing our part to take care of the world.

In five years, I want to be: summiting the top of Mount Denali in Alaska with my husband! 

Bagels or Donuts: Tough one but I’d choose a bagel

Ocean or mountains: also a tough one, both? :)

Three things on your bucket list: See the northern lights, razor scooter all 5,000 miles of the Great Wall of China, go to Thailand or Nepal.

Three words my friends would use to describe me:
Kind, funny, genuine 

Favorite book: Harriet the Spy. It was my favorite as a kid and I still love reading it just as much now

Favorite movie: I love A Knight’s Tale with Heath Ledger. He was a hunk.

Favorite cause: At the moment, I love all of the efforts that go into helping the people of countries in poverty during a pandemic crisis like the one we’re in.

Outdoor misadventure story, and what did you learn from the experience? Last fall a group of friends and I went to hike Mt. Timpanogos in Utah county. I hadn’t worn my leather hiking boots since it had rained and I didn’t think about them shrinking on my feet. They were tight getting into but soon after I broke them in. A few weeks after the trip my two big toe nails came off. 7 months later they are still slowing growing back. I definitely learned my lesson to care for your feet and listen to what your body needs, especially for a wild adventure!

If I’m not at school or outside, I am: playing Just Dance on the wii

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