Congratulations to Our Newest Scholarship Recipients!

We are stoked to announce our three newest Scholarship recipients: Emma Palermo, Kerri Kessler, and Havilah Brown. The winners, chosen for their genuine passion for the outdoors and a desire to pay it forward, will receive a minimum of $500 worth of gear to outfit them for everything they are doing outside.

“ is for outsiders, and the latest recipients of our scholarship definitely embody that spirit of individuality and self-worth. We were impressed with all three, including one recipient who takes time away from her busy young life to serve humanitarian missions in Latin America, and another who has the courage to speak openly about her struggles with mental illness. We are inspired to know such impressive individuals, who aren't afraid to be a bit of an outsider themselves.-Brig Graff, Chief Operating Officer.

Each finalist is guaranteed a $500 gear credit provided by, to outfit them to go on adventures and get out there to do good in the world throughout the year.



Kerri Kessler Scholarship Winner

An avid skier, hiker, and white-water rafter, Kerri definitely hits the right notes for being adventurous. But what impressed us most were her efforts to serve in humanitarian capacities throughout the Spanish-speaking world. 



Emma Palermo (known as "e pal" to her friends) immersed herself in her local outing club, and emerged with a great deal of leadership and confidence. She now is focusing her career on outdoor studies to help bring that same experience to others.



Havilah Brown is a nursing student who inspires us with her self-aware introspection, openly acknowledging her struggles with mental health. But through it all, she has found a way to meditate, ground herself, and turn outward in service to others. Havilah reminds us of the old principle: As you serve others, you become a more substantive individual, and it's easier to "find yourself"...because there is so much more of you to find!


Over the next year, we’ll get to know each winner better, share their stories and follow their adventures. More to come!


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