Be Aware of What You Wear

Odlo's sustainability mission is simple: Be Aware of What You Wear

This slogan is designed to make consumers more aware of the importance of sustainably produced clothing. Through their commitment to sustainability, the brand was able to achieve a big shift this year with product responsibility. By focusing on material changes at their best-selling products, Odlo was able to achieved a level of 50% produced materials are preferred materials such as recycled polyester/polyamide or Tencel.

For the first time, Odlo offers underwear made from ocean plastic waste which is 100% recyclable. But not only the composition is from sustainable sources also the entire production process of the Active Everyday Eco Boxershorts Line is committed to sustainability. First the PET bottles are processed into clean polyester chips, then melted down and spun into new polyester yarn and, at the third location, knitted into fabric. During the entire production process energy and water consumption have been optimized and the CO2 footprint reduced. In addition, transportation distances are kept low as all three production facilities are located within a radius of only 30 km.

An important part of a textile product‘s total environmental impact is related to how long the product can be used before it is worn out. Odlo only manufactures and sells products that are guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting, because this makes an important contribution to promoting sustainability in our society. A number of different management systems and measures have been put in place to ensure we continue to provide Odlo customers with this guarantee in the years to come.

As consumers we impact the world around us in many ways and with this new direction in product manufacturing, Odlo is leading the front in changing how we view products and production. You can learn more about the campaign and other sustainability initiatives by Odlo here

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