#5to9 | Robert Workman

For many of us, the hours of 5 to 9 are spent relaxing at home huddled up to a TV. For Robert Workman those hours are spent tilling his garden, tending to his animals and reaping the rewards of a life spent outside.


Robert Workman never set out to live a typical life. A self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, Robert founded some of the most iconic brands in the Outdoor Industry. From portable energy solutions at Goal Zero to beautifully crafted gardening and camping equipment at Barebones Living. Take one look at his products and one might wonder, "They seem all over the place, gardening, power, tents: What gives?" After spending a morning with Robert on his ranch located in the mountains outside Salt Lake City, Utah it all seems to make sense.

Watch the film to see Robert Workman's ranch and his immaculate gardens where he perfects all of Barebones Living's beautiful gardening tools.

Robert isn't the type of person to think small. When he approaches a situation, he goes ALL IN. His ranch is run completely off solar, wind, geothermal and hydroelectric power. Power is just one of the five pillars Robert says are essential to human life.

Power | Water | Food | Shelter | Education

Through Tifie Humanitarian, Goal Zero and Barebones, Robert has been able to bring Power, Shelter, Food and Education into the homes and hearts of people all around the world. To learn more about Robert Workman, his passions and how you can help him make a difference visit Tifie's website.

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